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Your Lawn Care in June

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Follow these tips to keep your lawn thriving this month: be strategic in treating yellow grass, since most Florida counties implement fertilizer bans; check for common summer pests and treat them appropriately; avoid weedkiller; and keep your mower blades sharp!

Tackling Summer Pests: What to Look For

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Pest prevention and eradication is easier when you know what to expect and how to identify insect damage. Get familiar with Florida’s common summer landscape pests and know how to spot them. Then you can correctly identify problems and apply appropriate controls.

Watch for Warm Season Lawn Pests

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Chinch bugs and tropical sod webworms are warm-weather threats to the health of your grass, but each can be treated with early detection and chemical application to keep their damage to a minimum. Know what to look for to keep your lawn thriving this summer.