Give These Great Gift Plants


Give a gift this holiday season that doubles in practicality and beauty and will last well beyond December. From poinsettias to rosemary, these plants make for thoughtful and enduring gifts and are sure to be loved by your friends and family.

Are you brainstorming presents for your loved ones this season? Don’t forget about living gift options! (No, we’re not talking about puppies.) 

Gift a plant to a family member, friend, host of a holiday party, or maybe your Secret Santa recipient. The following are five of our favorite plants to give as Christmas presents.


Besides Christmas trees, poinsettias may be the most classic holiday plant, boasting dark green and red foliage that puts everyone in the holiday spirit. Luckily for Floridians, poinsettias are tropical plants that enjoy well-lit areas and humidity; this gift can be put into a container or garden bed after Christmas and enjoyed throughout the entire year.

Orange Tree

An orange tree may not be a traditional gift, but it might be a perfect one! Finding an orange in one’s Christmas stocking was considered a luxury not too long ago, and oranges have historically represented prosperity and happiness. An orange tree is a fun and practical play on these traditions. Moreover, orange trees thrive in Florida, and it is such fun to pick oranges from one’s own yard. Every time your friend or family member plucks one of these delicate citrus fruits from their tree, they’ll enjoy your thoughtful gift.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus, or Schlumbergera, has gained popularity in recent years and is on our list of best holiday gifts. This gorgeous blooming succulent is easy to care for, lasts a long time, and is simple to propagate. The Schlumbergera varieties that produce white and deep red blooms are our favorites for the holidays.

Native to coastal regions of Brazil, the Christmas cactus enjoys Florida’s humid, tropical climate. The plant needs cool temperatures to bloom – another reason why this plant is a good gift for Christmastime – but is rated for hardiness zones 9-11. Christmas cacti last for several decades, making a gift that will be loved for many seasons to come.


The amaryllis is a lovely gift to receive, as recipients can observe its growing and blooming process and enjoy it year-round. A beloved method of gifting an amaryllis is as a potted bulb, not yet sprouted, along with care instructions. Your loved one will take joy in every step of this plant’s growth and see colorful blooms in four to six weeks! The fun isn’t over when the bloom cycle has reached its end: after some time, the bulb will produce new growth, whether planted in the ground or back into a pot.


We love a gift that doubles in practicality and beauty. The perennial rosemary plant, hardy and drought-tolerant, is such a gift. Rosemary will last for years and can be kept in the gift pot or transplanted into a garden, though it may need frost-protection in northern parts of the state. The evergreen appearance of this herb and its edible properties make it a great gift. Some stores sell rosemary plants that have been shaped into Christmas trees, putting the finishing touch on a lovely holiday present.

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