Your Property, Our Expertise

Our team of experienced professionals understands spaces like yours. We bring those spaces to life, excellently. We get what matters to you.


We understand pride of ownership around a home. Our suite of services, whether delivered across a sprawling planned community or to a small, select neighborhood, combines cost-sensitive efficiency with personalized, pleasing attention.

Increase Property Values

Carefully tended turf and well-managed plant beds maintain and raise home values.

Maintain Resident Satisfaction

OGM’s meticulous residential service results in consistently satisfied homeowners.


Attractive, inspiring work settings call forth innovation, energy and productivity. Be your tenants’ and employees’ ally in the workplace by providing an exterior environment that sets the stage for focused and unstopped business and enterprise.

Brand Consistency

Press your grounds into service, using them inventively to promote your branding.

Retain Tenants

Tenants will be more likely to renew if their surroundings inspire joy, safety, and energy.


From golf courses to ball parks and museum grounds to lakefront parks, OGM understands that the places where we spend our free time matter. Our installation and maintenance of these spaces is executed by hand-picked teams that deliver specialized, reliable service.

Minimize Expenses

We implement big-space, special-place budget-sensitive landscape maintenance.

Create an Advantage

Immaculate care shows. Draw people to your spaces with fanatically perfect grounds.


Our design and installation teams invent spaces for shoppers that are inspiring and delightful. Whether we install a curved bench, a splashing fountain, or a rose-laden arbor, we bring life and personality to individual stores, retail centers, malls and mixed-use complexes.

Maximize Revenue

Colorful, imaginative designs in plantings and features draw shoppers into malls and retail centers.

Turn a Visit into an Experience

Create an environment around your retail area that invites guests to escape and enjoy.

How Can We Help?

Let us customize a landscape plan that meets the unique demands of your property. Partner with a team of experts who have decades of industry knowledge.