Turf Maintenance

It’s Time for Turfgrass Weed Control

Turf Maintenance

Preemergence herbicides help prevent weed growth in turfgrass by stopping weed seed germination. It is essential to know the difference between selective and nonselective herbicides and to understand how application timing contributes to the effectiveness of weed control efforts.

How to Mow a Lawn

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Do you know the proper cutting height for your type of lawn turf? What to do with grass clippings? How often to sharpen mower blades? We answer those questions and others in this short blog on the best ways to care for your lawn.

What to Do About Thatch

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Thatch is a mix of dead and alive organic debris between soil and grass. A little of it can provide a nice cushion; a lot of it compromises soil and turf health. Get rid of thatch with a power rake or a vertical mower.

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Prevent and Manage Florida Turf Weeds

Turf Maintenance

Manage and prevent lawn weeds by promoting vigorous turf through proper fertilization, irrigation, mowing, and pest control. This results in thick, dense grass that shades soil and allows no space for weeds to grow. Reduce weed spread by mowing successive yards with clean equipment.

Florida Grasses & Fall Watering

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Florida’s common turf grasses include Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, St. Augustine, and Bahia. Each one contains multiple cultivars. Some grasses, like St. Augustine, die if they do not receive adequate water. Others, like Bahia, are drought resistant and simply go dormant during dry spells.

Turf Pests of Summer

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Chinch bugs and sod webworms are active, destructive warm-weather turf pests. The webworm is more easily controlled than the chinch bug, which feeds voraciously and resists even chemical treatment. Integrated pest management practices—proper mowing, fertilizing, and watering—can help prevent infestations of these pests.