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What Are Specimen Trees, and Why Plant Them?

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Adding a focal point will elevate your landscape’s appeal, and a specimen tree may fit the bill. A specimen tree is any tree planted as a stand-alone landscape feature. Choose a unique tree that will make a statement, like one with long-lasting blooms or an interesting shape.

Should You Prune Trees in Winter?

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Even in Florida’s mild winters, there remains a growing season and a dormant season for our trees. Most of your pruning should take place during the dry and dormant season to reduce the risk of pests and disease and to maximize growth.

Magnificent Magnolias!

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The magnolia tree, that southern icon with the wonderfully fragrant blooms, makes a great addition to any Florida landscape. It requires little maintenance and tolerates humidity and drought. While the Southern Magnolia is the most popular planting choice, there are 209 additional equally beautiful magnolia species from which to choose.

Five Tree Problems to Watch For

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A healthy tree may not always stay healthy. Examine the trees on your property for signs of developing weakness or illness: dead branches, codominant stems, cavities, decay, and root problems. Take corrective measures to keep trees from falling and causing injury and damage.

Prepare Now for Florida Summer Storms

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The Atlantic storm season comes every year, each time with the potential for destruction. Getting your home and landscape ready this spring is the best way to prepare your family and property. Read here for tips about preparing for this year’s storms and planning for the years to come.

The Art of Shaping Trees: Pleaching and Espalier

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Pleaching and espalier are tree-shaping techniques in which trees are trained to grow along a flat plane. Popularized by the Romans and 17th century French and Italian arborists, these techniques have endured and now bring beauty and function to our modern landscapes.

Trees, Hurricanes and You

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Hurricane season lasts six months and returns annually. Prepared homeowners are those who have selected wind-resistant trees for their landscapes, who have thinned out those trees to mitigate wind damage, and who have equipped themselves with information and tools for safe post-storm clean-up.

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Why Prune a Tree?

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Pruning is an important component of maintaining a tree health and growth. Pruning accomplishes several objectives: controlling size, encouraging healthy growth, improving quality of growth, and training to achieve a specific look or function. The properly-pruned tree will typically grow symmetrically, produce fully-foliaged branches, have crossed or dead branches removed, display cleanly, and enjoy light and air access throughout the crown.