2020 Landscaper Gadgets Gift Guide


With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to think about the perfect gift for that special someone. From a smart sprinkler system to solar lights, we’ve picked our favorite gadgets for the gardener, landscaper, or patio enthusiast in your life.

Christmas Gifts for Your Gardener


What Christmas present will you give this year to the gardener in your life? In this blog, we take away the holiday gift-giving guesswork with our list of suggestions. Consider outdoor work clothes, gardening tools, and print or digital resources.

Advanced String Trimming

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Advanced string trimming techniques are necessary when tackling heavy-duty projects such as overgrown yards and angled banks and ditches. Implementing strategies such as cutting from the top down or adopting a wide stance with a full cutting arc result in successfully completed tough trim jobs.

Intro to String Trimming

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String-trimming neatens up the ragged edges of lawn that a mower can’t access. It also levels weeds in beds and around trees. In this blog, we cover string-trimming basics: setting up the tool, operation fundamentals, and the standard pattern to follow.

How to Maintain Your Lawn Mower

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Grass grows quickly in the summer, so most Florida homeowners don’t have the luxury of taking several weeks to repair an inoperable lawn mower. Fortunately, routine maintenance both reduces the number of mechanical issues that arise and ensures that your mower stays in tip-top condition for the whole mowing season.

Robotic Lawn Mowers: Yes or No?

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Although not yet a fixture in every U.S. homeowner’s garage, robotic lawn mowers are experiencing explosive popularity even as they continue to evolve and be refined. Basic robotic mowers start at $600; most command a four-figure price tag.

All the Right Tools in the Shed: Part Two

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Homeowners who manage their own lawn care and landscape maintenance need a simple but specific set of tools: a walk-behind mower (push or self-propelled) or a riding mower plus a string trimmer and edger. Property size usually determines which kind of mower to choose.

All the Right Tools in the Shed


You don’t need a shed full of tools for a successful landscaping or gardening experience. You do, however, need a few good-quality basic implements. Consider our suggestions for key hand tools, clippers, and large tools to include in your collection.