Start a Pollinator Garden


Bees, butterflies, and other pollinators play a critical role in the production of fruits, vegetables, and nuts we eat on a daily basis. Provide shelter and food for these crucial insects and animals by creating a pollinator garden.

Feed Your Soil and Your Plants Will Thank You


Florida soil varies from fine sand to dense clay, but most Florida gardeners need to amend their soil in order to provide plants with good nutrition. Add organic matter and mulch to help create healthy soil and choose native plants that are adapted to your region’s conditions.

Protect Plants from Freezing Temperatures


Parts of Florida are susceptible to overnight freezes during the winter season, which can damage or kill warm-weather plants. Group hanging and potted plants together or bring them indoors. Cover in-ground plants with sheets or blankets and protect them with added mulch or insulation barriers.

Holly: More Than a Christmas Decoration


Known for its bright red berries and distinctive leaf shape, holly is a low-maintenance, versatile plant that makes a wonderful landscaping addition. Holly has many varieties, several of them native to Florida, and can be cultivated as a small shrub, specimen tree, or privacy hedge.

Give These Great Gift Plants


Give a gift this holiday season that doubles in practicality and beauty and will last well beyond December. From poinsettias to rosemary, these plants make for thoughtful and enduring gifts and are sure to be loved by your friends and family.

Landscaping Your Coastal Florida Property

Landscape MaintenancePlants

Coastal landscapes are unique and require special care. Sandy soil has a high pH; properties face constant wind; and salt is in the air, water, and soil. Choose plants that are native and salt-tolerant; support plant growth with wind protection and soil amendments.

No Turf? No Problem


While turfgrasses blanket many of Florida's properties, they require resources, money, and time to maintain. However, turfgrass alternatives such as mulch, groundcover, and hardscapes exist. Reduce your yard size and substitute it for options that not only conserve resources but diversify and beautify your landscaping.

Is it a Philodendron or a Rhododendron?


Philodendrons and rhododendrons share similar names but not much else. Philodendrons are tropical plants with stunning foliage that can be cultivated as large landscape plants or as hanging or potted houseplants. Rhododendrons are flowering, shade-loving shrubs that are generally grown outdoors, with a few exceptions.