Be Gone, Black Shrub Mold

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Black sooty mold is a fungus that covers leaves, stems, and fruit. It grows on honeydew, a sugary substance produced by insects such as whiteflies and mealybugs. Manage these pests and prevent further infestations with insecticide applications and proper cultural practices.

How to Discourage Deer from Devouring Your Plants


Got deer? Discourage them from munching on your plants and trees by making your yard seem unsafe. Hang wind chimes, install motion-activated sprinklers, and utilize garden items that make unexpected sounds. Plant trees and shrubs that deer don’t like. Put up fences or grow dense hedges.

Planning Plant Heights in Beds


Design your garden bed so that all plants are on display. Border beds could have short plants in front, one or two tiers of medium-height shrubs or grasses, and a backdrop of tall, vigorous viburnum, podocarpus, banana, or bamboo.

Bundle Up (Your Plants, That Is)


Don’t get caught off guard by freezing temperatures that damage or kill cold-sensitive plants. Keep your eye on the forecast, and when cold is coming, cover up your plants. Bring container plants inside or put them against a wall and cover them with sheets.

Paint Your Property with Plant Color


Splash your property with color by placing blooming plants and shrubs in beds, borders and containers. Grow shrubs with colored leaves for year-round hues and impact. Plant bromeliads—tropical shade-lovers that produce blooms from delicate to showy to phantasmagoric.

Welcome Birds to Your Landscape


Draw birds to your property by planting trees, shrubs and flowers that provide food, places to rest, and protection from wind and predators. Add water sources such as bird baths or ponds. Use pesticides sparingly and, as much as possible, keep cats inside.

Vines to Embellish Your Landscaping


Beautify your landscaping and garden structures with climbing plants. Vines add softness, whimsy, and allure and can be trained to grow on trellises, pergolas, arbors, fences, and walls. Florida gardeners, check out our suggestions for vines that do well in sun or partial shade and salt air.

Bougainvillea: The Vine, The Shrub, The Hedge


The bougainvillea plant is known for its profuse, vivid blooms, its two-inch thorns, and its wild growth habit. It can serve as a space-filling shrub, a colorful hedge, or a wandering vine that spans a wall or covers a pergola.

Set Up a Container Garden


Container gardens can be found everywhere, from the estate courtyard to the apartment balcony. The vessels themselves run the gamut—classic clay urn, vintage bathtub, hollowed-out log. In this blog, we present lists of ideas as well as mistakes to avoid in container garden creation.