Vines to Embellish Your Landscaping


Beautify your landscaping and garden structures with climbing plants. Vines add softness, whimsy, and allure and can be trained to grow on trellises, pergolas, arbors, fences, and walls. Florida gardeners, check out our suggestions for vines that do well in sun or partial shade and salt air.

Bougainvillea: The Vine, The Shrub, The Hedge


The bougainvillea plant is known for its profuse, vivid blooms, its two-inch thorns, and its wild growth habit. It can serve as a space-filling shrub, a colorful hedge, or a wandering vine that spans a wall or covers a pergola.

Set Up a Container Garden


Container gardens can be found everywhere, from the estate courtyard to the apartment balcony. The vessels themselves run the gamut—classic clay urn, vintage bathtub, hollowed-out log. In this blog, we present lists of ideas as well as mistakes to avoid in container garden creation.

All About Bed Edges and Borders


Adding borders around your garden beds can make the difference between ho-hum landscaping and grounds that pop. Borders can be simple or sophisticated and may be created with the use of hard materials such as brick and stone or simply with a row of well-chosen plants.

What Type of Garden Are You?


Four popular Florida garden styles—traditional, modern, cottage, and casual coastal—all possess distinct characteristics. Which style do you like the best? Which type are you? We talk about the four gardens and what sets each one apart from the others.

Plant These to Repel Mosquitoes!

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Mosquitoes are a nuisance and pose a significant health threat. Chemical repellents are an option for an afternoon away from the house, but homeowners can also effectively combat mosquitoes on their property by choosing plants that act as natural repellents.

Viva Viburnum!


Viburnum is the beloved shrub of Florida landscapers and homeowners. Cold hardy, drought resistant, and sturdy enough to survive hurricane winds, the viburnum thrives throughout the sunshine state. Grow this plant as a foundation hedge, accent shrub, small tree, or giant privacy screen.

Gardens to Attract Pollinators


Pollinators play a critical role in the ecosystem, making it possible to grow most of the food that we eat every day. Planting a pollinator garden requires little more than choosing to include the plants that these insects and animals love.

Topiary, Part 2: You Can Make One


Topiary is the art of training plants into ornamental or creative shapes. Elaborate forms sometimes take months or years, but a simple topiary can be created in just a few minutes. Here are quick instructions for beginning three classic and beautiful topiary forms.