Landscape Maintenance

A Look at Retaining Walls

EnhancementsLandscape Maintenance

Retaining walls in Florida residential landscapes are commonly built around foundation beds or against perimeter walls. High or tiered retaining walls should generally be left to hardscaping professionals to build. Lower walls can be a weekend project for a homeowner.

6 Ways to Up Your Landscape’s Appeal

GardeningLandscape Maintenance

Transform a respectable but ho-hum landscape into one enlivened by unique and special extras. Invite exploration by adding garden art (flags, statues, glass, and chimes), eye-catching specimen plants, a bubbling fountain, a bench or two, and a vine-wrapped arbor or pergola.

Florida in Fall: Landscaping To-Dos

FertilizingGardeningLandscape Maintenance

Fall in Florida brings certain activities to the landscaper and gardener. These include planting cool-season annuals and shrubs; fertilizing lawns, shrubs, trees, and tropical plants; and closely monitoring landscape water needs. Summer pests are still active and must be managed for a few more weeks.

Native Florida Shrubs by Zone

Landscape MaintenancePlants

For low-maintenance landscaping of your Florida property, consider adding native Florida plants. In this blog we provide a list of native shrubs broken down by cold hardiness zone. Don’t know what hardiness zone you’re in? We break that down for you, too.

Check Your Lawn’s Mid-Summer Health

Landscape MaintenanceLawn Care

July is a good time to do a mid-year turf wellness check. Summer conditions create hospitable environments for pests and diseases, but these can be managed and even prevented by monitoring grass health. Water and mow properly; apply fungicides and pesticides (but not herbicides).

Is Your Landscape Hurricane Ready?

Landscape Maintenance

Is your landscape ready for Atlantic storm season 2018? We suggest you carry out a tree audit. Identify vulnerable trees on your property: those that are newly-planted, dead, diseased, and leaning, and take measures now to remove, thin, or shore them up.

Here Comes Summer!

IrrigationLandscape MaintenancePest Control

Before summer’s high heat and daily rains arrive, we suggest carrying out a few tasks ahead of time. Audit sprinkler systems for leaks and breaks. Sharpen mower blades and service engines. Install citronella, marigolds, and other mosquito-repelling plants. Add flowers, trees, and shrubs.