Landscape Maintenance

Shade Landscaping for Your Florida Home

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Got shade? There are plenty of great plants that thrive in areas receiving little or no sunlight. Remember that light conditions change over the hours and by season, though. Observe how light shifts during the day and the year and install plants accordingly.

Clean Up Your Landscape for Spring

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March 20 is the first day of spring. Is your landscaping ready? Important outdoor spring-preparation tasks include purchasing a pre-emergent herbicide treatment for your lawn, selectively pruning, cleaning out planting beds, checking irrigation system components, and servicing lawn care equipment.

Water-wise Landscaping in the Sunshine State

IrrigationLandscape Maintenance

Floridians who practice water-wise landscaping will need less irrigation during the low-rain months of the year. Water-wise landscaping involves installing plants that thrive in natural conditions, reducing the need for watering and for fertilizer and pesticides that can pollute nearby ponds and lakes.

Six Tips for Removing Fallen Leaves

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Across Florida, leaf-falling season is well underway. Property owners now face the job of rounding up carpets of dead leaves and getting rid of them. Here are six tips for leaf removal, including mulching, vacuuming, raking, and hiring someone else to do the job.

Fix Soggy Ground with a French Drain

Landscape Maintenance

Homeowners with lawn drainage problems may consider installing a French drain. This type of drain takes water from a soggy or pooled area and carries it away to an outlet. It is a covered, below-ground drain that is not too difficult to build.

Your Landscape in December

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December in Florida comes with the perfect outside-working weather! Between holiday activities, homeowners can prepare for cold snaps, check trees for mistletoe, sow winter grass, and clean out tired summer beds. Got extra time? Put in a pathway and add some hardscaping.

Landscaping Your Pet Will Love

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A pet-friendly property contains plants that are safe for animals (not toxic; no spines) and has space for them to exercise and relieve themselves. Features that do pets good include sunny areas, shade trees or pergolas, and surfaces that are smooth or soft to walk on.

Smooth Out a Bumpy Lawn

Landscape MaintenanceLawn Care

New lawns are usually even and smooth, but an older, settled lawn can be a bone-jarring experience to mow. Layers of top-dressing mix comprising sand, topsoil, and compost, applied to the turf, will fill low areas and raise soil levels, restoring smoothness and evenness.

Berms and Mounds: Landscaping Earthworks

EnhancementsLandscape Maintenance

Berms and mounds are earthworks that add contours to a landscape. Their purpose may be functional (to channel flowing water or facilitate drainage), aesthetic (to enhance a landscape and showcase flowers or specimen trees) or a combination of the two (to give a golf course its form and beauty).