Landscape Maintenance

Fall Landscaping Tasks 2021

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September 22 was the first day of autumn, and the time has come to prepare for fall landscaping tasks. Plant cool-weather annuals, bulbs, perennials, and vegetables; adjust your irrigation system, and implement turfgrass maintenance and care measures.

August Tasks for the Home Landscaper

FertilizingLandscape Maintenance

If you take care of your own landscaping, add these things maintenance and upkeep tasks to your August to-do list. We look at all the categories: turfgrass; palm and citrus trees; annuals, perennials, and bulbs; rosebushes, shrubs, and fruit plants; and water garden plants.

Celebrate Nature Conservation Day

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Celebrate World Nature Conservation Day! Make choices now for the sake of the Earth’s future and generations to come. Conserve water, garden for biodiversity with native plants and habitat restoration, and use pesticides and fertilizers responsibly to reduce runoff and pollution.

Your April Watering Guide

IrrigationLandscape Maintenance

The rising temperatures of spring mean that lawns and landscaping plants need more water than in winter, but the lack of daily summer rains can make this a challenge. Make a plan to provide your landscaping with the right amount of water this month.

5 Ways to Prep for Mowing Season

Landscape MaintenanceLawn Care

With mowing season fast approaching, it’s time to prepare your lawn care necessities. Service your lawn mower and other property maintenance tools, stock up on consumables for the equipment, and gather the necessary accessories to stay safe and comfortable while working.

Landscaping Tasks for This Winter

Landscape MaintenanceLawn Care

Dormant turf grass in the winter means no need for constant mowing and more time for other landscaping tasks. Clean up dropped leaves, clear out beds, and apply fresh mulch. Plant ryegrass for a green lawn and check your trees for parasitic mistletoe.

Landscaping Your Coastal Florida Property

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Coastal landscapes are unique and require special care. Sandy soil has a high pH; properties face constant wind; and salt is in the air, water, and soil. Choose plants that are native and salt-tolerant; support plant growth with wind protection and soil amendments.