Lawn Care

Edging–The Finishing Touch

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Run an edger around beds and trees and along the sides of driveways and sidewalks to cut away encroaching grass and produce clean, finished, lines. Stick edgers and walk-behind edgers are powered by gas, battery, or electricity and cost from $100 to $800.

Intro to String Trimming

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String-trimming neatens up the ragged edges of lawn that a mower can’t access. It also levels weeds in beds and around trees. In this blog, we cover string-trimming basics: setting up the tool, operation fundamentals, and the standard pattern to follow.

How to Mow a Lawn

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Do you know the proper cutting height for your type of lawn turf? What to do with grass clippings? How often to sharpen mower blades? We answer those questions and others in this short blog on the best ways to care for your lawn.

How to Maintain Your Lawn Mower

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Grass grows quickly in the summer, so most Florida homeowners don’t have the luxury of taking several weeks to repair an inoperable lawn mower. Fortunately, routine maintenance both reduces the number of mechanical issues that arise and ensures that your mower stays in tip-top condition for the whole mowing season.

Watch for Warm Season Lawn Pests

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Chinch bugs and tropical sod webworms are warm-weather threats to the health of your grass, but each can be treated with early detection and chemical application to keep their damage to a minimum. Know what to look for to keep your lawn thriving this summer.

Does Your Lawn Have a Fungal Disease?

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The three most common summer fungal turf diseases in Florida are Take All Root Rot, Gray Leaf Spot, and Fairy Ring Fungus. The most destructive is the first, although all three diseases can kill grass. They can be managed with cultural and chemical controls.

8 Tools You Need When Doing Your Own Lawn Care

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Homeowners who handle their own lawn care need eight basic tools. These tools, ranging from a hand-held trowel to a mechanized lawn mower, enable homeowners to produce beautiful, healthy yards with neat lines, shaped hedges, and thriving plants.

Clean Up Your Landscape for Spring

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March 20 is the first day of spring. Is your landscaping ready? Important outdoor spring-preparation tasks include purchasing a pre-emergent herbicide treatment for your lawn, selectively pruning, cleaning out planting beds, checking irrigation system components, and servicing lawn care equipment.

Six Tips for Removing Fallen Leaves

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Across Florida, leaf-falling season is well underway. Property owners now face the job of rounding up carpets of dead leaves and getting rid of them. Here are six tips for leaf removal, including mulching, vacuuming, raking, and hiring someone else to do the job.