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Coastal Landscaping

Considerations for Your Coastal Landscape

Lawn Care

When it comes to landscaping, beachside living presents its challenges. Homeowners must consider coastal elements – salt, wind, and sand – before selecting plants. Incorporate windbreaks, buffers for salt spray and sandblast, and native plants to design a landscape that works with the unique environment.

Why Is My Grass Struggling in the Shade?

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Is your turfgrass struggling in the shade? Various factors keep your grass from thriving--expanding trees, unsuitable species of grass and trees, stress, and more. Identify the problem, implement proper care practices, and consider a turfgrass alternative if necessary.

Your Lawn Care in June

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Follow these tips to keep your lawn thriving this month: be strategic in treating yellow grass, since most Florida counties implement fertilizer bans; check for common summer pests and treat them appropriately; avoid weedkiller; and keep your mower blades sharp!

5 Ways to Prep for Mowing Season

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With mowing season fast approaching, it’s time to prepare your lawn care necessities. Service your lawn mower and other property maintenance tools, stock up on consumables for the equipment, and gather the necessary accessories to stay safe and comfortable while working.

Landscaping Tasks for This Winter

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Dormant turf grass in the winter means no need for constant mowing and more time for other landscaping tasks. Clean up dropped leaves, clear out beds, and apply fresh mulch. Plant ryegrass for a green lawn and check your trees for parasitic mistletoe.

Meet These 5 St. Augustine Grasses

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St. Augustine grass is a common Florida turfgrass with several cultivars available to homeowners. Five popular varieties are Floratam, Seville, Bitter-Blue, Sapphire, and Palmetto. Some are superstars in the state’s tropical and subtropical conditions and others should be avoided.

Winter Landscaping Tasks

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Winter brings relief from lawn mowing and opens time for other landscaping tasks. Now leaves must be raked, beds cleaned out and mulch refreshed. It’s also a good time of year to plant rye grass and examine trees for mistletoe.

Edging–The Finishing Touch

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Run an edger around beds and trees and along the sides of driveways and sidewalks to cut away encroaching grass and produce clean, finished, lines. Stick edgers and walk-behind edgers are powered by gas, battery, or electricity and cost from $100 to $800.