Irrigation Tips for June


This month, homeowners must adjust watering schedules and techniques as temperatures rise, precipitation increases, and growing plants provide more shade. Look out for discoloration, water differently in the shade, and aerate the soil if it is not absorbing enough water.

Your April Watering Guide

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The rising temperatures of spring mean that lawns and landscaping plants need more water than in winter, but the lack of daily summer rains can make this a challenge. Make a plan to provide your landscaping with the right amount of water this month.

Water-wise Landscaping in the Sunshine State

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Floridians who practice water-wise landscaping will need less irrigation during the low-rain months of the year. Water-wise landscaping involves installing plants that thrive in natural conditions, reducing the need for watering and for fertilizer and pesticides that can pollute nearby ponds and lakes.

Here Comes Summer!

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Before summer’s high heat and daily rains arrive, we suggest carrying out a few tasks ahead of time. Audit sprinkler systems for leaks and breaks. Sharpen mower blades and service engines. Install citronella, marigolds, and other mosquito-repelling plants. Add flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Florida Grasses & Fall Watering

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Florida’s common turf grasses include Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, St. Augustine, and Bahia. Each one contains multiple cultivars. Some grasses, like St. Augustine, die if they do not receive adequate water. Others, like Bahia, are drought resistant and simply go dormant during dry spells.

10 Steps to Fix a Broken Irrigation Pipe


Gardening homeowners have all done it - put their shovels through a PVC irrigation pipe and then had to face the repair. If this is you, why wait days for an irrigation company to fix your break? Invest $10, follow these steps, and you’ll be right again within the hour.

Irrigation During Rainy Season


Although Florida summers bring daily showers, homeowners shouldn’t turn off their irrigation systems. Rains deliver unpredictably, and grass that does not receive enough water will become stressed, leading to compromised health. Homeowners should be careful about turning sprinklers off and may consider installing an irrigation controller.