Magnificent Magnolias!

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The magnolia tree, that southern icon with the wonderfully fragrant blooms, makes a great addition to any Florida landscape. It requires little maintenance and tolerates humidity and drought. While the Southern Magnolia is the most popular planting choice, there are 209 additional equally beautiful magnolia species from which to choose.

Viva Viburnum!


Viburnum is the beloved shrub of Florida landscapers and homeowners. Cold hardy, drought resistant, and sturdy enough to survive hurricane winds, the viburnum thrives throughout the sunshine state. Grow this plant as a foundation hedge, accent shrub, small tree, or giant privacy screen.

Bamboo: Peaceful Accent and Privacy Screen


Bamboo makes a beautiful hedge or landscape accent with its tall, graceful growth habit. Plant a variety that clumps and is not invasive. Several cold-tolerant species grow safely in North Florida. Being primarily a tropical plant, bamboo thrives in lower Central and South Florida.

Cactus in Florida?


Surprisingly to some, many cactus plants grow well in Florida. Some are even native to the state. Florida’s most common native cactus is the prickly pear, with vertically stacked, tear-drop-shaped, flat branches and small yellow flowers. Cacti at home grow well in a collection of containers.

Don’t Plant These at Home


Invasive plant species may look attractive and harmless but left to grow unchecked will alter native plant communities and damage local ecologies. Don’t plant them at home.

Florida Ferns for Porch and Landscape


Florida is home to hundreds of species of ferns. Ranging in height from one foot tall (wart ferns) to fifteen feet tall (Australian tree ferns), they are suitable for growing in containers, featuring as specimens in landscaping, or planting as a foliage fill or groundcover.

Plant a Miracle Moringa Tree


The moringa tree, native to India and often considered a superfood source rich in vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants, is a great addition to Florida landscapes because it is heat loving and drought resistant. Furthermore, it is easy to cultivate and tolerates sandy soil.

The 4-1-1 on Florida Xeriscaping

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Xeriscaping is the creation of an environmentally responsible landscape through the planting of drought-tolerance turf, flowers, shrubs, and trees. It is a concept that incorporates proper soil selection, plant placement, and watering methods to produce a landscape that is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Native Plants and Your Florida Landscape


Florida’s six diverse ecosystems are home to a wide range of native plants. These plants can be great additions to public, private, and commercial properties when knowledgeably selected. Easily accessible resources with customizable list-builders enable homeowners and landscapers to make educated plant choices.

How to Create an Herb Container Garden


Why pay a fortune for fresh herbs at the grocery store? Grow your own in a container garden on your back porch. Follow our suggestions for best herbs to plant, the right containers to use, what to do about soil, and whether to start with seeds or plants.