Landscape with Bamboo


Incorporate bamboo into your landscaping as an accent or a privacy screen. While you may think all bamboo spreads aggressively, that’s not the case. Floridians can choose from many non-invasive varieties, but you must consider cold hardiness if you live in Central or North Florida.

Grow Your Own Mangoes


Celebrate National Mango Day by planning to cultivate your own mangoes. Select the right variety for your location and property, choose the perfect planting site, and plant properly to ensure a successful life for your tree.

All About Propagation


Homeowners: propagation is an easy way to add more of the plants you love to your landscaping without increasing your landscaping costs. Choose from several methods of propagation, like cutting, layering, division, or seed germination, based on the type of plant you home to reproduce.

Unique Edible Plants to Grow in Florida


Take advantage of Florida’s subtropical and tropical climates to cultivate unique fruits and vegetables. Grow lychee, pineapple, passionfruit, and avocado. Yucca and amaranth serve as alternatives to potatoes and collard greens. Choose from the many tropical squashes that thrive through the summer months.

Heat-Loving Plants for Your Vegetable Garden


It’s not too late to add to your spring vegetable garden before summer hits. This month, plant okra, southern peas, and swiss chard in North and Central Florida and hot peppers and tropical spinach in South Florida. Sweet potatoes and herbs can be planted throughout the state.

The Best Bulbs for Every Part of Your Landscaping


Most Florida homeowners have properties with a variety of sun and soil conditions. There are great bulb options for just about every area of your landscaping. Consider Amazon lilies for shade, cannas for perpetually moist soil, and amaryllis for drier spots.

It’s Time for Summer Bulb Planning and Planting


Now is the time to plan, prepare, and plant your warm-weather bulbs. Care for cold-damaged bulbs and choose the right ones for difficult growing conditions. Abide by depth and spacing recommendations, water regularly, and begin a spring fertilizing program.

Plant a Papaya on Your Property!

GrowingTree Care

Papaya plants grow quickly and produce impressive amounts of fruit. Choose from several varieties and grow these plants from seed, making sure to plant more than one to ensure pollination and fruit production. Protect your precious papayas from the wind and give them plenty of sunlight and water.

No Turf? No Problem


While turfgrasses blanket many of Florida's properties, they require resources, money, and time to maintain. However, turfgrass alternatives such as mulch, groundcover, and hardscapes exist. Reduce your yard size and substitute it for options that not only conserve resources but diversify and beautify your landscaping.