Set Up a Container Garden


Container gardens can be found everywhere, from the estate courtyard to the apartment balcony. The vessels themselves run the gamut—classic clay urn, vintage bathtub, hollowed-out log. In this blog, we present lists of ideas as well as mistakes to avoid in container garden creation.

What Type of Garden Are You?


Four popular Florida garden styles—traditional, modern, cottage, and casual coastal—all possess distinct characteristics. Which style do you like the best? Which type are you? We talk about the four gardens and what sets each one apart from the others.

Gardening Safely in the Summer Heat


Gardening safely in the heat of summer requires knowing how to identify the symptoms of oncoming heat-related illnesses and the necessary steps to prevent them. Get familiar with good practices for caring for your body so you can keep gardening all summer long.

Topiary, Part 2: You Can Make One


Topiary is the art of training plants into ornamental or creative shapes. Elaborate forms sometimes take months or years, but a simple topiary can be created in just a few minutes. Here are quick instructions for beginning three classic and beautiful topiary forms.

Great Florida Hedge Plants


Hedges function as property dividers, privacy screens, and ornamental features on a landscape. They can be any height from low to tall. Florida’s great hedge plants include viburnum varieties, boxwood (these look good clipped and shaped), Schefflera and podocarpus (these grow 4-20 feet tall).

Crape Myrtles: Superstars of the South


Looking for a small tree that resists drought, loves the sun, and laughs at humidity? The Crape Myrtle is your tree. Possibly the quintessential flowering tree of the southeastern USA, the crape myrtle comes in a variety of colors from peaceful to show stopping.

Know Your Property’s Microclimates


A microclimate is the climate of a small area that is consistently warmer or cooler than the surrounding areas. It is created by sun exposure, shade, wind exposure, and proximity to bodies of water. Homeowners who know their microclimates can install plants that will thrive.

6 Ways to Up Your Landscape’s Appeal

GardeningLandscape Maintenance

Transform a respectable but ho-hum landscape into one enlivened by unique and special extras. Invite exploration by adding garden art (flags, statues, glass, and chimes), eye-catching specimen plants, a bubbling fountain, a bench or two, and a vine-wrapped arbor or pergola.

Florida in Fall: Landscaping To-Dos

FertilizingGardeningLandscape Maintenance

Fall in Florida brings certain activities to the landscaper and gardener. These include planting cool-season annuals and shrubs; fertilizing lawns, shrubs, trees, and tropical plants; and closely monitoring landscape water needs. Summer pests are still active and must be managed for a few more weeks.

So You Want to Grow Roses?


Yes, roses do grow in Florida. Very well, in fact, if you pick the right ones and plant them in the right places. In this blog we look at how to find the best roses for Florida and how to plant them.