Create a Hummingbird Garden


Hummingbirds pollinate about 7,000 species of flowers! They move quickly from flower to flower and require lots of nectar, as well as shelter, water, and supplemental food sources. Attract hummingbirds to your garden with these design and plant suggestions.

Grow Heirloom Tomatoes in Your Garden


What makes a tomato “heirloom” and why are these fruits all the rage right now? Consider growing your own for their unique characteristics and complex flavor profiles. We discuss the best varieties to start in your Florida garden and cultivation tips to promote successful growth.

Create a Living Wall


Create a living wall – where landscaping and design meet. Plants are grown in stacked rows of modular systems to make a vertical garden: a striking statement for your interior or exterior space. Choose the best placement and plants, plan the irrigation, and construct your wall!

Grow Your Own Mangoes


Celebrate National Mango Day by planning to cultivate your own mangoes. Select the right variety for your location and property, choose the perfect planting site, and plant properly to ensure a successful life for your tree.

The Magic of a Moonlight Garden


Create a moonlight garden featuring plants, hardscaping, and accessories colored in whites, silvers, and other cool colors that reflect the light of the moon. Choose fragrant flowers and water features to engage the senses, making an intimate oasis for nighttime meditation, walks, or conversation.

Unique Edible Plants to Grow in Florida


Take advantage of Florida’s subtropical and tropical climates to cultivate unique fruits and vegetables. Grow lychee, pineapple, passionfruit, and avocado. Yucca and amaranth serve as alternatives to potatoes and collard greens. Choose from the many tropical squashes that thrive through the summer months.

What is Soil Solarization?

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Soil solarization uses sunlight and heat conduction to raise soil temperatures and eliminate unwanted pests, weeds, and diseases. This method effectively utilizes the scorching months of the year to prepare the land for a fall garden. Implement this method in your home garden this summer.

Landscape Plants That Love the Heat


Although the Florida summer may limit planting options, there are still a plethora of heat-loving plants that you can incorporate into your landscaping this month. Consider annuals for sunny and shady spots, and warm-weather bulbs that will offer stunning blooms throughout the summer season.

Heat-Loving Plants for Your Vegetable Garden


It’s not too late to add to your spring vegetable garden before summer hits. This month, plant okra, southern peas, and swiss chard in North and Central Florida and hot peppers and tropical spinach in South Florida. Sweet potatoes and herbs can be planted throughout the state.

Start a Pollinator Garden


Bees, butterflies, and other pollinators play a critical role in the production of fruits, vegetables, and nuts we eat on a daily basis. Provide shelter and food for these crucial insects and animals by creating a pollinator garden.