Set Up a Container Garden


Container gardens can be found everywhere, from the estate courtyard to the apartment balcony. The vessels themselves run the gamut—classic clay urn, vintage bathtub, hollowed-out log. In this blog, we present lists of ideas as well as mistakes to avoid in container garden creation.

Add Garden Interest with an Arbor


Creating a charming space in an ordinary garden can be as easy as placing an arbor in the entranceway. With a few basic styles and an endless number of variations to choose from, the perfect arbor is out there just waiting to be found.

Crape Myrtles: Superstars of the South


Looking for a small tree that resists drought, loves the sun, and laughs at humidity? The Crape Myrtle is your tree. Possibly the quintessential flowering tree of the southeastern USA, the crape myrtle comes in a variety of colors from peaceful to show stopping.

So You Want to Grow Roses?


Yes, roses do grow in Florida. Very well, in fact, if you pick the right ones and plant them in the right places. In this blog we look at how to find the best roses for Florida and how to plant them.

So You Want to Grow an Orchid


Over 20,000 species of orchids grace our planet (and even more hybrids). Most are epiphytic, meaning they grow on other plants. In general, orchids are easy to maintain, although in Florida’s July and August summer conditions, growers must water and fertilize well, manage pests, and watch for rot and fungus.