August Tasks for the Home Landscaper

FertilizingLandscape Maintenance

If you take care of your own landscaping, add these things maintenance and upkeep tasks to your August to-do list. We look at all the categories: turfgrass; palm and citrus trees; annuals, perennials, and bulbs; rosebushes, shrubs, and fruit plants; and water garden plants.

Now is The Time for Your Preemergence Herbicide!


A preemergence herbicide stops turfgrass weed growth before it begins by preventing the germination of weed seeds. Understand the purposes of both selective and nonselective herbicides and understand the ways in which weed control efforts are impacted by initial application timing, watering, and reapplying.

Fertilize Your Landscape Greenly

FertilizingLandscape Maintenance

We all want green lawns, healthy trees, and thriving shrubs. However, fertilizer runoff is creating larger problems than most of us are aware of. How can homeowners add nutrients to their lawns and plants without causing harm to the environment?

Florida in Fall: Landscaping To-Dos

FertilizingGardeningLandscape Maintenance

Fall in Florida brings certain activities to the landscaper and gardener. These include planting cool-season annuals and shrubs; fertilizing lawns, shrubs, trees, and tropical plants; and closely monitoring landscape water needs. Summer pests are still active and must be managed for a few more weeks.

Four Tips for Fertilizing in Florida

FertilizingLawn Care

Florida’s soils are often sandy and lacking in the nutrients that turf-grass requires for vigorous health. Fertilizers comprising nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus help to make up the nutrient deficit. The right product applied at the right time safely produces green, healthy grass.