Five Fencing Materials to Consider


The most common fencing materials include wood, aluminum, barbed wire, PVC, and chain link. When selecting your material, consider these questions: What do you want the fence to look like? How does it need to function? What is your budget?

All About Bed Edges and Borders


Adding borders around your garden beds can make the difference between ho-hum landscaping and grounds that pop. Borders can be simple or sophisticated and may be created with the use of hard materials such as brick and stone or simply with a row of well-chosen plants.

Add Garden Interest with an Arbor


Creating a charming space in an ordinary garden can be as easy as placing an arbor in the entranceway. With a few basic styles and an endless number of variations to choose from, the perfect arbor is out there just waiting to be found.

Bring in the Tropics with a Palm Tree


Palm trees possess a surprising variety of characteristics. Whether your landscaping needs a palm that is short or tall, practical or magnificent, there is one that fits the bill. Find the perfect palm to add a tropical feel to your Florida home or garden.

Topiary: Formal to Fantastic Landscape Art


Adding a topiary to a landscape is like hanging a painting on a wall—it draws the eye and provides interest to its surroundings. Homeowners can create their own topiaries. It starts with selecting healthy shrubs with strong central trunks and a dense growth habit.

Create an Oriental Garden–Part 2


Oriental gardens contain specific features that give them their unique look and feel. These include ponds, water fountains, bridges, stones, paths, lanterns, and teahouses. Laid out in a flowing, organic design, these features combine to create a tranquil, cohesive, rejuvenating space.

Create an Oriental Garden–Part 1


Oriental gardens usually incorporate symbolism and are characterized by simplicity and careful design. Pond gardens, dry gardens, tea gardens and strolling gardens are all types of Oriental gardens. They can be large or small, which makes them idea for urban and suburban properties.

Hide the Ugly!


Ugly areas outside: most property owners have them. They range from meter boxes to wells to sheds. In this blog, we share ideas of ways to cover up the ugly.

Award-Winning New Plants and Products


Every year, new plants and landscape products become available to the public. The Landscape Show 2018 ran a best-of-new live- and hard-goods contest and selected 15 products as the award finalists. They range from plants to solar lights to containers to brooms.

Berms and Mounds: Landscaping Earthworks

EnhancementsLandscape Maintenance

Berms and mounds are earthworks that add contours to a landscape. Their purpose may be functional (to channel flowing water or facilitate drainage), aesthetic (to enhance a landscape and showcase flowers or specimen trees) or a combination of the two (to give a golf course its form and beauty).