The Best Bulbs for Every Part of Your Landscaping


Most Florida homeowners have properties with a variety of sun and soil conditions. There are great bulb options for just about every area of your landscaping. Consider Amazon lilies for shade, cannas for perpetually moist soil, and amaryllis for drier spots.

It’s Time for Summer Bulb Planning and Planting


Now is the time to plan, prepare, and plant your warm-weather bulbs. Care for cold-damaged bulbs and choose the right ones for difficult growing conditions. Abide by depth and spacing recommendations, water regularly, and begin a spring fertilizing program.

Know Your Florida Oaks Before You Plant One

Tree Care

Before you plant an oak on your property, read our short guide on different oak species and what they have to offer. Consider your property’s soil, sun exposure, and space for limbs and roots to spread as you choose the right trees for your home.

Feed Your Soil and Your Plants Will Thank You


Florida soil varies from fine sand to dense clay, but most Florida gardeners need to amend their soil in order to provide plants with good nutrition. Add organic matter and mulch to help create healthy soil and choose native plants that are adapted to your region’s conditions.

Landscaping Tasks for This Winter

Landscape MaintenanceLawn Care

Dormant turf grass in the winter means no need for constant mowing and more time for other landscaping tasks. Clean up dropped leaves, clear out beds, and apply fresh mulch. Plant ryegrass for a green lawn and check your trees for parasitic mistletoe.

Protect Plants from Freezing Temperatures


Parts of Florida are susceptible to overnight freezes during the winter season, which can damage or kill warm-weather plants. Group hanging and potted plants together or bring them indoors. Cover in-ground plants with sheets or blankets and protect them with added mulch or insulation barriers.

Now is The Time for Your Preemergence Herbicide!


A preemergence herbicide stops turfgrass weed growth before it begins by preventing the germination of weed seeds. Understand the purposes of both selective and nonselective herbicides and understand the ways in which weed control efforts are impacted by initial application timing, watering, and reapplying.

Plant a Papaya on Your Property!

GrowingTree Care

Papaya plants grow quickly and produce impressive amounts of fruit. Choose from several varieties and grow these plants from seed, making sure to plant more than one to ensure pollination and fruit production. Protect your precious papayas from the wind and give them plenty of sunlight and water.