Gardening Safely in the Summer Heat


Gardening safely in the heat of summer requires knowing how to identify the symptoms of oncoming heat-related illnesses and the necessary steps to prevent them. Get familiar with good practices for caring for your body so you can keep gardening all summer long.

A Whitefly Pest Q & A

Pest Control

Whiteflies are soft-bodied garden pests found on the undersides of leaves on many kinds of Florida shrubs. Some species resist insecticides but can be controlled through other means, including washing off, trapping on sticky tape, applying organic soap sprays, and employing beneficial insects.

8 Tools You Need When Doing Your Own Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Homeowners who handle their own lawn care need eight basic tools. These tools, ranging from a hand-held trowel to a mechanized lawn mower, enable homeowners to produce beautiful, healthy yards with neat lines, shaped hedges, and thriving plants.

Gardens to Attract Pollinators


Pollinators play a critical role in the ecosystem, making it possible to grow most of the food that we eat every day. Planting a pollinator garden requires little more than choosing to include the plants that these insects and animals love.

Bring in the Tropics with a Palm Tree


Palm trees possess a surprising variety of characteristics. Whether your landscaping needs a palm that is short or tall, practical or magnificent, there is one that fits the bill. Find the perfect palm to add a tropical feel to your Florida home or garden.

Topiary, Part 2: You Can Make One


Topiary is the art of training plants into ornamental or creative shapes. Elaborate forms sometimes take months or years, but a simple topiary can be created in just a few minutes. Here are quick instructions for beginning three classic and beautiful topiary forms.

Prepare Now for Florida Summer Storms

SafetyTree Care

The Atlantic storm season comes every year, each time with the potential for destruction. Getting your home and landscape ready this spring is the best way to prepare your family and property. Read here for tips about preparing for this year’s storms and planning for the years to come.

Topiary: Formal to Fantastic Landscape Art


Adding a topiary to a landscape is like hanging a painting on a wall—it draws the eye and provides interest to its surroundings. Homeowners can create their own topiaries. It starts with selecting healthy shrubs with strong central trunks and a dense growth habit.

Manage Your Florida Spring Bugs

Pest Control

Springtime in Florida is a season of vibrant colors and new greenery, but it also brings with it a host of seasonal bugs. Learn to manage these insects to remember the season for its warmth and energy, not its pests.

Shade Landscaping for Your Florida Home

Landscape MaintenancePlants

Got shade? There are plenty of great plants that thrive in areas receiving little or no sunlight. Remember that light conditions change over the hours and by season, though. Observe how light shifts during the day and the year and install plants accordingly.