What Type of Garden Are You?


Four popular Florida garden styles—traditional, modern, cottage, and casual coastal—all possess distinct characteristics. Which style do you like the best? Which type are you? We talk about the four gardens and what sets each one apart from the others.

Add Garden Interest with an Arbor


Creating a charming space in an ordinary garden can be as easy as placing an arbor in the entranceway. With a few basic styles and an endless number of variations to choose from, the perfect arbor is out there just waiting to be found.

Plant These to Repel Mosquitoes!

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Mosquitoes are a nuisance and pose a significant health threat. Chemical repellents are an option for an afternoon away from the house, but homeowners can also effectively combat mosquitoes on their property by choosing plants that act as natural repellents.

How to Maintain Your Lawn Mower

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Grass grows quickly in the summer, so most Florida homeowners don’t have the luxury of taking several weeks to repair an inoperable lawn mower. Fortunately, routine maintenance both reduces the number of mechanical issues that arise and ensures that your mower stays in tip-top condition for the whole mowing season.

Watch for Warm Season Lawn Pests

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Chinch bugs and tropical sod webworms are warm-weather threats to the health of your grass, but each can be treated with early detection and chemical application to keep their damage to a minimum. Know what to look for to keep your lawn thriving this summer.

Does Your Lawn Have a Fungal Disease?

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The three most common summer fungal turf diseases in Florida are Take All Root Rot, Gray Leaf Spot, and Fairy Ring Fungus. The most destructive is the first, although all three diseases can kill grass. They can be managed with cultural and chemical controls.

Viva Viburnum!


Viburnum is the beloved shrub of Florida landscapers and homeowners. Cold hardy, drought resistant, and sturdy enough to survive hurricane winds, the viburnum thrives throughout the sunshine state. Grow this plant as a foundation hedge, accent shrub, small tree, or giant privacy screen.

Gardening Safely in the Summer Heat


Gardening safely in the heat of summer requires knowing how to identify the symptoms of oncoming heat-related illnesses and the necessary steps to prevent them. Get familiar with good practices for caring for your body so you can keep gardening all summer long.

A Whitefly Pest Q & A

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Whiteflies are soft-bodied garden pests found on the undersides of leaves on many kinds of Florida shrubs. Some species resist insecticides but can be controlled through other means, including washing off, trapping on sticky tape, applying organic soap sprays, and employing beneficial insects.

8 Tools You Need When Doing Your Own Lawn Care

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Homeowners who handle their own lawn care need eight basic tools. These tools, ranging from a hand-held trowel to a mechanized lawn mower, enable homeowners to produce beautiful, healthy yards with neat lines, shaped hedges, and thriving plants.