Celebrate Nature Conservation Day

Landscape MaintenancePlants

Celebrate World Nature Conservation Day! Make choices now for the sake of the Earth’s future and generations to come. Conserve water, garden for biodiversity with native plants and habitat restoration, and use pesticides and fertilizers responsibly to reduce runoff and pollution.

Grow Your Own Mangoes


Celebrate National Mango Day by planning to cultivate your own mangoes. Select the right variety for your location and property, choose the perfect planting site, and plant properly to ensure a successful life for your tree.

Why Is My Grass Struggling in the Shade?

Lawn CareTurf Maintenance

Is your turfgrass struggling in the shade? Various factors keep your grass from thriving--expanding trees, unsuitable species of grass and trees, stress, and more. Identify the problem, implement proper care practices, and consider a turfgrass alternative if necessary.

The Magic of a Moonlight Garden


Create a moonlight garden featuring plants, hardscaping, and accessories colored in whites, silvers, and other cool colors that reflect the light of the moon. Choose fragrant flowers and water features to engage the senses, making an intimate oasis for nighttime meditation, walks, or conversation.

All About Propagation


Homeowners: propagation is an easy way to add more of the plants you love to your landscaping without increasing your landscaping costs. Choose from several methods of propagation, like cutting, layering, division, or seed germination, based on the type of plant you home to reproduce.

Unique Edible Plants to Grow in Florida


Take advantage of Florida’s subtropical and tropical climates to cultivate unique fruits and vegetables. Grow lychee, pineapple, passionfruit, and avocado. Yucca and amaranth serve as alternatives to potatoes and collard greens. Choose from the many tropical squashes that thrive through the summer months.

Your Lawn Care in June

Lawn CarePest Control

Follow these tips to keep your lawn thriving this month: be strategic in treating yellow grass, since most Florida counties implement fertilizer bans; check for common summer pests and treat them appropriately; avoid weedkiller; and keep your mower blades sharp!

Irrigation Tips for June


This month, homeowners must adjust watering schedules and techniques as temperatures rise, precipitation increases, and growing plants provide more shade. Look out for discoloration, water differently in the shade, and aerate the soil if it is not absorbing enough water.

What is Soil Solarization?

GardeningPest Control

Soil solarization uses sunlight and heat conduction to raise soil temperatures and eliminate unwanted pests, weeds, and diseases. This method effectively utilizes the scorching months of the year to prepare the land for a fall garden. Implement this method in your home garden this summer.

Guide to Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Pest Control

Consider these non-chemical pest control methods that are better for both the environment and your personal health. Natural methods of controlling landscape pests include installing insect-repelling plants, using natural products, and keeping up with appropriate cultural controls.