Flower Gardening with Your Kids


Flower gardens can bring your landscape to life, and gardening with kids is a fun way to get your children outside and experiencing nature. Growing flowers gives children experience in caring for something, taking ownership, and observing the natural cycle of life.

Best Mulches for Florida

GardeningLandscape Maintenance

Installing mulch provides numerous benefits beyond just aesthetics. Mulch protects soil and roots from the elements, helps to conserve water, and can add nutrients back into the soil. Consider both organic and non-organic mulches for your landscaping and choose a Florida-friendly mulch for your spaces.

Put Out the Welcome Mat for These Bugs


Learn which bugs are beneficial to your landscape and don’t try to get rid of them. Good bugs eat pests, control mosquitoes, pollinate flowers, and produce silk, wax, and honey. In this blog, we list eight beneficial bugs (plus spiders) you should know.

Should You Prune Trees in Winter?

Tree Care

Even in Florida’s mild winters, there remains a growing season and a dormant season for our trees. Most of your pruning should take place during the dry and dormant season to reduce the risk of pests and disease and to maximize growth.

It’s Time for Turfgrass Weed Control

Turf Maintenance

Preemergence herbicides help prevent weed growth in turfgrass by stopping weed seed germination. It is essential to know the difference between selective and nonselective herbicides and to understand how application timing contributes to the effectiveness of weed control efforts.

How to Discourage Deer from Devouring Your Plants


Got deer? Discourage them from munching on your plants and trees by making your yard seem unsafe. Hang wind chimes, install motion-activated sprinklers, and utilize garden items that make unexpected sounds. Plant trees and shrubs that deer don’t like. Put up fences or grow dense hedges.

Planning Plant Heights in Beds


Design your garden bed so that all plants are on display. Border beds could have short plants in front, one or two tiers of medium-height shrubs or grasses, and a backdrop of tall, vigorous viburnum, podocarpus, banana, or bamboo.

Bundle Up (Your Plants, That Is)


Don’t get caught off guard by freezing temperatures that damage or kill cold-sensitive plants. Keep your eye on the forecast, and when cold is coming, cover up your plants. Bring container plants inside or put them against a wall and cover them with sheets.