Turf Pests of Summer

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Chinch bugs and sod webworms are active, destructive warm-weather turf pests. The webworm is more easily controlled than the chinch bug, which feeds voraciously and resists even chemical treatment. Integrated pest management practices—proper mowing, fertilizing, and watering—can help prevent infestations of these pests.

Caring for Plants in Summer’s Humid Heat

Landscape Maintenance

Florida’s summer heat and humidity takes a toll on plants, but this can be mitigated. Keep soil moist and well-drained. Lay down layers of mulch to absorb heat. Create shelter for sensitive plants. Follow these tips and your plants will thrive through the summer!

Irrigation During Rainy Season


Although Florida summers bring daily showers, homeowners shouldn’t turn off their irrigation systems. Rains deliver unpredictably, and grass that does not receive enough water will become stressed, leading to compromised health. Homeowners should be careful about turning sprinklers off and may consider installing an irrigation controller.

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Why Prune a Tree?

Tree Care

Pruning is an important component of maintaining a tree health and growth. Pruning accomplishes several objectives: controlling size, encouraging healthy growth, improving quality of growth, and training to achieve a specific look or function. The properly-pruned tree will typically grow symmetrically, produce fully-foliaged branches, have crossed or dead branches removed, display cleanly, and enjoy light and air access throughout the crown.

St. Augustine Grass
St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine Grass, A Florida Favorite

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St. Augustinegrass is one of Florida’s most widely used turfgrasses. Several cultivars are available, the most common being Floratam. It does well in shade and can be irrigated with saline water. When fertilized responsibly, irrigated correctly, and mowed at optimum heights, it produces a thick, lush, and satisfying lawn. Chemical insecticides are usually necessary for maintaining the health of this grass, as it is susceptible to chinch bug infestations and other pests. Pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides keep weeds under control.

Flower Bed Weed Control
Flower Bed Weed Control

Managing Those Weeds

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Commercial landscaping companies and homeowners alike fight the battle of weeds. This article discusses pre-emptive weed strike strategies, from covering the ground with barriers and mulch to smart watering that targets desired plants. Post-emergent weeds can be managed through selective digging and deadheading to reduce spread. The common practice of tilling is discouraged, as this turning of the soil lifts dormant weed seeds and raises them to the light and air. Herbicides are always a weed-control option, but much can be done to manage weeds without the use of chemicals.

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The A-Z List of Golf Course Equipment

Specialty Turf

Today’s golf courses, particularly top-end greens drawing the discriminating golfer, require a fleet of vehicles designed to accomplish very specific tasks. Turf cutting calls for walk-behind mowers, intermediate rough and primary rough mowers, and different machines for mowing tees, approaches, greens collars, and fairways. Aerating and top-dressing requires machines that punch cores and cast sand into turf. Golf course management companies like OGM Landscape invest heavily in the machinery spectrum to produce consistent, immaculate courses that clients expect.