Simple Planting Plans for Renters


Don’t let renting keep you from beautifying the landscape around your house! Whether you’re renting as a family, couple, or housemates, you can plan out landscaping to make the space your own and to show your landlords that you care for their property.

Fix Your Uneven Turf

Turf Maintenance

From uncomfortable mowing experiences to sprained ankle risks, bumpy lawns can be simply annoying or outright hazardous. Uneven turf is inevitable on older properties, as turf settles over time and is invaded by burrowing animals and growing tree roots. Consider these tips for leveling your lawn.

How to Get Rid of Weeds

Landscape MaintenanceTurf Maintenance

As you fight to prevent weeds from taking over your lawn and garden, remember that weeds are not creating a void; they are filling one. The insights in this blog will help you reduce the weak spots in your landscaping and get control over weeds.

5 Landscaping Tips for Commercial Properties

Landscape Maintenance

An attractive landscape design boosts commercial property values and affects people’s decisions to buy or rent. Improving your greenery is an investment in the property and in your company’s bottom line! Consider these tips as you plan landscaping for your commercial spaces.

Hurricane Season is Here (Get Ready Now)


Smart planning and preparation in the years, months, and days leading up to a hurricane can prevent damage to your home, property, and vehicles. Not only will preparation save you time and money, but it will also keep you and your family safer.

Fertilize Your Landscape Greenly

FertilizingLandscape Maintenance

We all want green lawns, healthy trees, and thriving shrubs. However, fertilizer runoff is creating larger problems than most of us are aware of. How can homeowners add nutrients to their lawns and plants without causing harm to the environment?

Vegetable Gardening with Your Kids


Vegetable gardening gives children experience in nurturing something from start to finish and teaches them the importance of growing food and asking where it comes from (not to mention the satisfaction and pride they will feel when harvesting that first cherry tomato).

Flower Gardening with Your Kids


Flower gardens can bring your landscape to life, and gardening with kids is a fun way to get your children outside and experiencing nature. Growing flowers gives children experience in caring for something, taking ownership, and observing the natural cycle of life.

Best Mulches for Florida

GardeningLandscape Maintenance

Installing mulch provides numerous benefits beyond just aesthetics. Mulch protects soil and roots from the elements, helps to conserve water, and can add nutrients back into the soil. Consider both organic and non-organic mulches for your landscaping and choose a Florida-friendly mulch for your spaces.