A Guide to Modern Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Rejuvenate your landscape with a modern aesthetic. Highlight angles, lines, and patterns. Balance the rigid hardscape with plants, design features, furniture, and subtle color with an accent or two. Use natural elements to create warmth. Keep it simple!

Coastal Landscaping

Considerations for Your Coastal Landscape

Lawn Care

When it comes to landscaping, beachside living presents its challenges. Homeowners must consider coastal elements – salt, wind, and sand – before selecting plants. Incorporate windbreaks, buffers for salt spray and sandblast, and native plants to design a landscape that works with the unique environment.

Fall Landscaping Tasks 2021

FlowersLandscape Maintenance

September 22 was the first day of autumn, and the time has come to prepare for fall landscaping tasks. Plant cool-weather annuals, bulbs, perennials, and vegetables; adjust your irrigation system, and implement turfgrass maintenance and care measures.

Create a Hummingbird Garden


Hummingbirds pollinate about 7,000 species of flowers! They move quickly from flower to flower and require lots of nectar, as well as shelter, water, and supplemental food sources. Attract hummingbirds to your garden with these design and plant suggestions.

Landscape with Bamboo


Incorporate bamboo into your landscaping as an accent or a privacy screen. While you may think all bamboo spreads aggressively, that’s not the case. Floridians can choose from many non-invasive varieties, but you must consider cold hardiness if you live in Central or North Florida.

Houseplants for the Florida Home


Houseplants bring natural color, warmth, and life into a space – not to mention health benefits like reduced blood pressure and purified air. Try your hand at caring for houseplants with one of our low-maintenance suggestions – just pay attention to light requirements and watering needs.

Grow Heirloom Tomatoes in Your Garden


What makes a tomato “heirloom” and why are these fruits all the rage right now? Consider growing your own for their unique characteristics and complex flavor profiles. We discuss the best varieties to start in your Florida garden and cultivation tips to promote successful growth.

Create a Living Wall


Create a living wall – where landscaping and design meet. Plants are grown in stacked rows of modular systems to make a vertical garden: a striking statement for your interior or exterior space. Choose the best placement and plants, plan the irrigation, and construct your wall!

August Tasks for the Home Landscaper

FertilizingLandscape Maintenance

If you take care of your own landscaping, add these things maintenance and upkeep tasks to your August to-do list. We look at all the categories: turfgrass; palm and citrus trees; annuals, perennials, and bulbs; rosebushes, shrubs, and fruit plants; and water garden plants.