2020 Landscaper Gadgets Gift Guide


With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to think about the perfect gift for that special someone. From a smart sprinkler system to solar lights, we’ve picked our favorite gadgets for the gardener, landscaper, or patio enthusiast in your life.

No Turf? No Problem


While turfgrasses blanket many of Florida's properties, they require resources, money, and time to maintain. However, turfgrass alternatives such as mulch, groundcover, and hardscapes exist. Reduce your yard size and substitute it for options that not only conserve resources but diversify and beautify your landscaping.

Meet These 5 St. Augustine Grasses

GrowingLawn Care

St. Augustine grass is a common Florida turfgrass with several cultivars available to homeowners. Five popular varieties are Floratam, Seville, Bitter-Blue, Sapphire, and Palmetto. Some are superstars in the state’s tropical and subtropical conditions and others should be avoided.

The Fall Face of Florida Quarantine Gardens


Wondering what to do with your quarantine garden? Because Florida fall remains warm, gardeners in the Sunshine State can start their cool-weather crops later in the season. However, the part of the state you live in will determine what you can plant and when.

What Are Specimen Trees, and Why Plant Them?

GrowingTree Care

Adding a focal point will elevate your landscape’s appeal, and a specimen tree may fit the bill. A specimen tree is any tree planted as a stand-alone landscape feature. Choose a unique tree that will make a statement, like one with long-lasting blooms or an interesting shape.

Control Landscape Pests Naturally

Pest Control

Many homeowners and gardeners are interested in controlling plant pests without using chemicals that end up in landscape runoff. Green pest control methods include planting natural insect repellents, applying natural products, and implementing cultural controls.

Is it a Philodendron or a Rhododendron?


Philodendrons and rhododendrons share similar names but not much else. Philodendrons are tropical plants with stunning foliage that can be cultivated as large landscape plants or as hanging or potted houseplants. Rhododendrons are flowering, shade-loving shrubs that are generally grown outdoors, with a few exceptions.

Your Fall Landscaping To-Do List


September is the time to start preparing for the fall landscaping tasks of October and November. Plant cool-weather flowers, start a fall and winter vegetable garden, and care for your turfgrass as summer transitions into autumn.